Send Mobile Phones

All mobile phones can be recycled; working or non-working. Each one that has a commercial value raises funds for Cave Rescue Organisation.

When we have the details of your phone(s) we'll give you a free pre-paid postage label to send them for reuse or recycling.

Tell Us About Your Phone(s)

Please give us the following information for each phone you have so that we can advise which recycling centre to send your phone(s) to.

  • Manufacturer and model number of each phone.
  • Do you have the battery, charger and headphones for the phone?
  • Is the phone in fully working condition? If not, what problems does it have?


Can You Take All Mobile Phones?

We can help you recycle any mobile phone, even broken ones. If your phone has a commercial value, it will raise funds for our partner beneficiary, Cave Rescue Organisation.

Is This Service Free?

Yes; once we have the details of your phones and chosen the best recycling centre to send them to, you'll get a free pre-paid postage label to send them with.

How Do I Send My Phone?

Fill in the form above, then package up your phone safely with its accessories and use the free pre-paid postage label we send you to drop it off at a Post Office.

Do I Need Any Accessories?

If possible please include the battery, charger, and earphones/headset. We cannot accept any accessories without their phones, or any other accessories, however.

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